Ridline, a team which brings music industry bands and event organizers together through collaboration software pitched and snatched the title of Pitch Captain 2018!

Designed to bring clarity to every concert

Ridline is a collaboration software that teams up bands and event organizers. The tool is tailored for the music industry needs. It provides a flexible renting of the software depending on the team size and number of artists. Moreover, it can be easily used with medium and large sized concerts. The software provides a clear overview of all agreements, it is built on experience, saves 25 hours on document handling and is the fastest rider creating and processing tool.

With a clear goal in sight, necessary skills set present and motivated leadership skills, Ridline team achieved their well-deserved victory.

The judges praised the team’s pitch, which explained the background, opportunities and the purpose for which the idea was designed. In addition, the judges appreciated the team’s self-confidence and professionalism.

“Ridline has a strong base. They know their vision, their market, and their target audience. Overall, the company is very focused, and we believe that this victory will bring them many new opportunities to develop their idea forward “Dr. Richard Leaver, Boundary Capital Partners Founding Partner

The unexpected brings the unbelievable

The success of the competition came unexpectedly through inspiration.

“Two years ago, I watched other teams to pitch their ideas on the stage and I set the goal that I would come back and do it as well”, says Neveli Niit, CEO of Ridline and continues:

“To think I would be the Pitch Captain is unbelievable. When you meet so many incredible people who are talented and hear their ideas, you would never think it’s going to be you.”

Now, with excited minds, Ridline team is ready to take a step closer to their dreams.

“Next thing in our bucket list is to, of course, move forward with our business and get the first pilot project out”, says Neveli.

And finally, when asked tips for the next year participants, Neveli shared:

“Be prepared and stubborn. When you go on the stage, just rip it apart.”


Once again, congratulations to Ridline! We are happy to be part of their adventure and are excited to see what the future will bring!


Author: Mimi Hla is a third-year Business Management student living in Mikkeli. For this summer, she will be working as a communication coordinator in our *ship team. With her curious mind, she is passionate about traveling and exploring the world.

Photo by: Tapio Auvinen