Who: Planners with good communication skills who can take care of details while working on multiple tasks. Knowledge of technical aspects is an advantage.
What: Take part in one of the most hectic crews of the *ship, work in team, decide what to prioritized to ensure a good flow on the stage, help presenters and judges on technical problems.
Why: Gain valuable teamwork and organizing skills, has an overall understanding of stage management.


Who: Friendly and easy-going personalities. You possess a bright smile, great communicating skills, and the customer-oriented mindset.
What: Provide accurate information on any aspect of the Festival, deal with complaints, and remain calm solving complex problems.
Why: Networking opportunities and an overview of event management.


Who: Welcoming and attentive personalities, have good formal communication skill.
What: Be “personal assistant” for our mentors and sponsors. Keep close attention to their schedule, deal with their needs and requests, keep them occupied and informed.
Why: Great insights and networking opportunities with our mentors and sponsor representatives who are experienced professionals in various fields.


Who: Inquisitive writers who are the main content-producers for the Festival. General knowledge and interest in Startups and Entrepreneurship is an advantage.
What: Conduct interviews and acquire information quickly through communicating and active listening.
Why: Opportunities to connect with people from various fields and experience of event coverage.


Who: Creative photographers, have your own equipments. Have artistic talent, communicating skills, multi-tasking ability, physical endurance, and teamwork skills.
What: Create the appearance of the *ship on media. You will cover the whole two-day event together with your crew.
Why: Opportunities to practice your professional skills, gain experience in covering events in a fast-paced and hectic environment.


Who: Social media gurus who generate the online presence of the Festival. Have good knowledge of startups and entrepreneurship culture. Understand *ship customer’s preferences along with excellent communication ability and multitasking skill.
What: Develop creative contents, attract and engage social media users.
Why: Insights of social media management and its effects on an event’s success. Networking opportunities with people with the same interest through this position.