Anna Furtado from Brazil shares how the University of Brasilia is changing the entrepreneurial culture in her region.

According to the Endeavor, Brasilia, the Brazilian capital, has a low rate of an entrepreneurial culture. This is due to the culture of the city, which is focused on public services, letting little room for industries.

To change this reality, the university of Brasilia, through its Center for Support to Technical Development (CDT in Portuguese), offers disciplines related to entrepreneurship. Such disciplines are done in partnership with the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies (Sebrae). Depending on the major, the discipline introduction to the entrepreneurial activity is mandatory. As a final project for the discipline, students must present a business project. To encourage business creation, the best projects are incubated at CDT.

The Center for Support to Technical Development fosters entrepreneurship and innovation and was created to promote a networking between the society, the university, the market and the government. Besides offering entrepreneurial disciplines, it also manages the companies’ multi-incubator and the projects’ hotel.

Regarding the technological axis, CDT also has a center for intellectual property and an office of technology trading. To disseminate knowledge, products, and services, it has created the Scientific-Technological Park, which also inserts technologies created in the university into society.

Because of its performance, it has gained diverse awards. Among them, there is the Prize for technological innovation, in which has guaranteed to the University of Brasilia the first place in the Brazilian center-west region for social innovation. Besides that, in 2009, CDT has also conquered the prize of best institution of science and technology for the University of Brasilia.

Currently, the incubator of the center counts on 10 companies with several areas of expertise. CDT is also responsible for giving support to the junior enterprises of the university. To maintain a high standard of quality, the Center provides all kinds of courses, training, and workshops. As of now, CDT supports more than 26 junior enterprises at the University of Brasilia.

Author: Anna Furtado is a student at the University of Brasilia. She spent a summer studying entrepreneurship at the University of George Washington, which changed the way she sees the world. Currently, she contributing towards research on entrepreneurship and is also part of a junior enterprise.