May is about to reach its second half and *ship 2016 is getting closer and closer. We, at *ship, are excitedly looking forward to organizing an extraordinary startup event to fulfill your summer in the most inspiring way possible. Preparations are off to a good state. The team is cohesive, with everyone having found their personal responsibilities, yet being able to work together and help each other in times of need.

The first two weeks have been busy and even hectic at times. Our hard work paid off with the most tedious orientation tasks off our plate already. These include the addition of invaluable sponsors and partners in support of *ship 2016. In case you are curious, here they are: Google, Kymenlaakso region, City of Kotka, Cursor, KYAMK, Kouvolan Innovation and Otsakorven Säätiö. Moreover, the budget has been planned in depth and the first draft of the program agenda is all set to be published on our website. The website itself is still under-construction, but we have put together all the important bits of information. Hopefully, you would find them useful.

What’s more? To name one particularly cool instance, the *ship crew has had the honour of meeting the Mayor of Kotka! He surprised us with his opinion of *ship 2015, which according to him, was one of the most memorable events of Kotka in particular and Kymenlaakso region in general. This motivated us to work even harder and be as productive as possible.

The cooperation with the potential mentors and speakers is also progressing. We can assure you that they have all been contacted and are up-to-date about the upcoming event.

Last but not the least… We held our first giveaway at the *ship stall on Kouvola Day (Kouvola päivä). It helped us raise awareness and gain access to potential attendees. Three complimentary tickets worth 189EUR each were offered in a lucky draw.

That’s all for now! We will be posting more often in the following weeks, as we make our way through the process of ensuring a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our supporters at *ship The Startup Festival on July 27-28th! Stay tuned for recent updates and interesting behind-the-scenes peeks.

Until next time!

Author: Trinh Tran is an International Marketing student at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. She is passionate about writing and wishes to use the power of words to enhance entrepreneurship that may change the world. She is originally from Saigon, Vietnam.