The Tall Ships Races
13-16th of July

The tall ships are coming to the port of Kotka. And the best part is: the biggest, baddest and meanest ships are going to cast their anchors right next to V2, where *ship happens! Some of the ships are coming before Thursday, so it’s going to be quite an impressive sight.

The Tall Ships Races are international races designed for sailing ships. Such races are made to promote international friendship and training sailing for young people. This event is held annually in European oceans and usually involves at least five countries.

This year, the sailing route runs from Halmstad in Sweden to Kotka and Turku in Finland, and from there to Klaipeda, Lithuania and Szczecin in Poland. The event has been held since 1956 by the non-profit charitable foundation British Sail Training International (STI). The STI is represented by Sail Training Association Finland (STAF) in Finland.

The event is expected to receive 2500+ sailors, from 20+ countries and more than 100 vessels. You can visit the tall ships and meet the crew there once the ships are anchored. There will be various other activities for the public, for example clown diving competition, fun triathlon contest, music and dancing, etc.

Read more about the Tall Ships Races on their website.

Author: Anna Furtado is a student at the University of Brasilia. She spent a summer studying entrepreneurship at the University of George Washington, which changed the way she sees the world. Currently, she contributing towards research on entrepreneurship and is also part of a junior enterprise.