Maritime Festival – Kotkan Meripäivät

This year we have many cool events coinciding with *ship – The Startup Festival. One of the them is the Maritime Festival, during which visitors enjoy the sun, food, music and maybe a drink or two. Or three.

The history of the Maritime Festival dates back to 1962. Today, the Festival gathers more 200,000 visitors from across the world, who make it to the event on their yachts and boats or trains and cars.

The Festival is going to spread across the center of the City of Kotka, from the port of Kotka through the streets into the Market Square (where the Pitch Captain finalists will be pitching their business idea). There is a parade on the Opening Day, full of colourful acts. At the port, you can enjoy the summer atmosphere, food, live music and see popular Finnish bands perform. Besides, you definitely need to try the fried whitefish from the food stands! “For me at least, the Maritime Festival is all about friends and food, especially the fried fish with garlic sauce”, says Anne-Mari, PR Coordinator at *ship 2017. Entrance to most events is totally free of cost. In memory of the festival will be minted its own coins.

To make the most of your time in Kotka, make sure you begin each morning with the traditional dishes of fresh seafood, in one of the many restaurants and summer cafes. Along the Festival, you can for for a walk in a pleasant landscaped park and breathe in the fresh air on the waterfront, go on boat trips along the Gulf of Finland with a visit to the numerous islands of the archipelago and arrange a trip to the fishing village or extreme descent down the river Kymi.

You can read more about the Maritime Festival here on their official website, but it’s mostly in Finnish, so you can try checking their Instagram account and hashtag #meripäivät for more vibes.

Author: Kim Vongorleakbophakim is a communication student at RUPP, Cambodia. She believes that entrepreneurship and leadership are the ways that can help a person connect to the world. Her motto in life is “Never regret what you did but regret what you didn’t”.