Welcoming all pre/early-stage startups, aspiring entrepreneurs and global change-makers with groundbreaking business ideas! Earn a spot at *ship Startup Festival 2020 on August 12th – 14th. This year’s event will be an online event and the Pitch Captain Competition finals will be held in Kotka.

In *ship you will be able to personally present your business idea and receive 1-on-1 mentoring from entrepreneurial leaders and experts. Startup application is open now and ends on 17th of July.
Since the spots are limited, you should apply as soon as possible. 

2 ways to apply

  1. Our formal partnerships with entrepreneurial programs in Finland and abroad.

  2. Application through *ship attend page. We go through these applicants regularly and the spots are filled on the first come first serve basis, so apply now!

Pitch Captain Competition 2020

Game-changing ideas from individuals, teams, aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups are sought in the following categories:


“change is inevitable”


“settling for decent is for losers”


“fighting boredom”


“shaping your daily life”


“change the world for better tomorrow”

Apply here

Rules of competition

Pitch Captain 2020


*ship Alumni startups

KaaKau Yo

KaaKau Oy KaaKau offers micro-mobility solutions for towns, municipalities, and organizations. We have currently 300+ shared city bikes in 8 locations around Finland. Let’s roll!

Accelerator: LevelUp/Startup Passion

Status: Growing

*ship 2017

eMedi Innovations Oy

Lääkärihinta makes it easy to compare private healthcare service providers and public healthcare queue times.

Product name: Lääkärihinta.fi
Accelerator: Aaltoes – Kiuas Accelerator
Status: Sold/Merge
*ship Pitch Captain winner 2016

Surgify Medical Oy

Surgify develops solutions to protect proximal soft structures and prevent associated complications during surgery.

Accelerator: Lungi Summer Program

Status: Funded

*ship Pitch Captain winner 2017


Saavu is a tool for important mass communication that works through a chat instead of emails. The chat enables features and possibilities emails could never provide. Communication with a large audience of people is so much more than sending a mass email – it’s about reaching, interacting and follow-ups.

Accelerator: Boost – Startup Journey

Status: Growing

*ship 2018

Temu Materials Oy

Temu Materials strives to solve the modern day issues of fast fashion by creating leather of textile waste with the help of mushrooms.

Accelerator: Boost – Startup Journey

Status: Operating

*ship Pitch Captain Winner 2017


Ridline is a collaboration platform for planning quality music events, by allowing streamlined information sharing between bands and sound technicians.

Accelerator: Kiuas

Status: Growing

*ship 2018, Winner

Entomophagy Solutions Oy

Entis offers you exciting, delicious and most of all high-quality insect food.

Accelerator: Boost – Startup Journey

Status: Operating

*ship 2017, TOP 10


Mesensei builds private social networks for knowledge transfer with elegant mobile UX.

Accelerator: Kiuas

Status: Operating

*ship 2018