Greetings from the Startup team! The people behind the invitations! 

Being part of the Startup team at *ship can be a very rewarding experience; we can say that *ship makes dreams come true. As every other job, it takes commitment and focus to execute a good job and make things flow.  There are several tasks that are imperative to be done inside the Startup team; for instance, we are responsible for gathering the participating teams which will take part in the competition. Thus, being the most important task of all. Without participants there is no event. 

*ship boosts young startups

Even though this year’s event will be mostly online, we are still aiming to invite he same amount of Startups as last year, which is 50. Since *ship boosts young startups all over the globe, it is a huge honour to be part of the experience. Seeing the growth of many Startups and individuals gives a true feeling of pride that is hard to find elsewhere. 

*ship Startup Festival wouldn’t be possible without the amazing annual collaborations with the local companies such as the people providing us a beautiful stage and services in the center of Kotka sea-city. It’s only because of those collaborations that it is possible for our dream come true, and the only way that we can repay, is by making others reach their dreams as well. 

Diverse and social work

Working in the Startups-team is a diverse and social work, there is traditionally a lot of networking before the actual event. We often visit other accelerator programs around Finland and present our event while visiting. As *ship being organized by Patteri Entrepreneurship Society, we are constantly in touch with other Entrepreneurship Societies in Finland. 

It takes a lot of courage to be in between an organization and the outer field because it is a representative job, which gives it more thrill and joy to it!

We at Startups-team wish everyone with an idea should try this type of event at least once in their life, so that they get a deeper connection to their idea.  

We work hard so that you pitch hard!