*ship Startup Festival has been in the business of supporting pre-and early-stage startups since 2015. As many of you may know, the original event location of *ship is in Kotka – City by the sea, but in 2020 we were forced to change our ways and bring the event into hybrid mode. 

7th *ship will again explore some new seas. In response to the current restrictions and in order to organize the event in a responsible fashion we have decided to plan the entire event online for 2021. 

This year *ship Startup Festival will be held online on the 12th-13th of August via a special all-in-one online event platform – Deal Room. We are excited to share a more detailed introduction about the platform for *ship 2021, so stay tuned for the next blog posts. 

In 2021 the concept of *ship still stays the same. *ship is welcoming all entrepreneurs, early- and pre-stage startups, mentors, and visitors who are ready to share their fresh ideas, network with like-minded people, and learn from one another during the event. 

Day 1 (12.8.) consists of the familiar Mentoring Program for our startups with the 20-minute Clinic-sessions and 1-hour Master Classes. In addition, we will have some webinar content for all on the Main Stage of the event platform. On Day 2 (13.8.), all startup teams will take part in the Pitch Captain Competition and pitch their startup ideas to the judges. In the end, the winning team will receive a prize of 5 000 € for developing their startup further. 

Even though every startup event lives for spontaneous, face-to-face networking, we have done everything within our power to provide a platform full of possibilities for assorted styles of communication with the rest of the participants. 

While we are all gazing into the horizon looking for inspiring connections over a cup of coffee, we in *ship Startup Festival hope that you all step bravely on board and make this extraordinary time worth every moment in the online startup community. 

We warmly welcome you to join us in #cybership2021

Apply now at shipfestival.org/attend!