Apart from the core team based in Kotka, where the upcoming *ship 2017 will set sail from, the remote sailors are the other primary driving force. This year, *ship excitedly welcomes on board 8 members selected out of hundreds of *ship Ambassadors based in 90 countries worldwide. The remote team is a diverse group of people representing various nationalities. It’s their entrepreneurial spirit which unites them. Let’s see who these young change-makers are!


Anna is the Project Director of Quimera – a junior enterprise at the University of Brasília, where she is majoring in Foreign Applied Languages. Asked about her experience at *ship, Anna shared, “Well, regarding the Festival, I am very excited to attend it in July and I am having much fun, especially now that I got to know the team, and everything”.

“*ship has helped me discover my ability of recognizing entrepreneurial activities close to me and inside my university. This networking and process of recognizing is something I would like to keep working on”.


Christelle is pursuing her Master’s degree in Management of Innovation. She has a burning desire to gain firsthand knowledge and experience to open her business in the next couple of years. Christelle talks of her active contribution towards shipbuilding, “I enthusiastically spread the word! I told everyone in my network about it. Friends, family, university channels”.

Asked for reasons to attend *ship this year, she said, “There would be a lot of great people to meet and learn from!”


Currently doing his Master degree in Media Studies at METU, Ankara, Husnain also participated in entrepreneurship events during his undergraduate and was one of the runner-ups in a business plan competition conducted by P&G Pakistan. Asked about whether *ship is an opportunity to adopt necessary skills to build entrepreneurial spirit, Husnain said, “Both of these skills are acquired overtime with learnings, experiences, and the ‘wow moments’. *Ship has already been instilling many of such attributes since I joined their Ambassadorship program. The event will only take it forward to greater heights.”


Hysein is a senior student majoring in Mass Communication (Production TV and Film) in University “AAB”. He has been involved in various entrepreneurship trainings and burnished his startup idea. Hysein shared his motivation to attend *ship 2017, “Attending *ship 2017 is the best thing I can do to start my entrepreneurial journey and in the same time to get more experience in media field too.”

“I think that when you attend a 3-day *ship festival, you quickly realize that the sort of people that are willing to give up their time to try and do something entrepreneurial are exactly the sort of people I would love and need to be around.”


The youngest member of the *ship team this year is majoring in Communications at Royal University of Phnom Penh. Kim has been resiliently raising her entrepreneurial passion through two former online startups and another upcoming one. Asked about the chance to join *ship this year, “a dream come true for me”, she described briefly. Kim also showed great interest in the Ambassadors Program, “Recently I am very interested in *ship ambassadors’ strategy, as I learned that ambassadors are the sources that can help promote the event and spread information to every corner of the world. The strategy of organizing an ambassador program, so to speak, is not new in this field but to put it into action is very rare.”


Louise presents herself as an aspiring social entrepreneur. In her words, “I want to attend the Festival because I think that it is a great initiative for youth like myself who hold an interest in entrepreneurship. *ship has helped me to better understand how to capture a global audience. I believe that the Ambassadors program is a very good idea and one that I can adopt in my local community”.

“I would love to continue as an Ambassador. I would love greater responsibility and even the chance to visit Finland again”.


The 21-year-old business student at Alexandria University started his journey at *ship also through the Ambassadors program. Marwan expressed his experience, “It has been a great and informative ride. I am proud of working on a program that enables young entrepreneurs”. Marwan is currently developing a tourism-related mobile application. When asked for practices that could be adopted from *ship, he said, “The mentors program. I was thinking of organising a two-day event where famous Egyptian mentors share their experiences.”


Lubis is keen on design-based entrepreneurship and is currently a product-design teacher at BINUS ASO School of Engineering in Tangerang, Indonesia. He desires to influence lives through education. He got to know about the Ambassadors Program on MUNPlanet website and shared his experience as one of the top ambassadors, “It was a really great experience. I am truly humbled that my writings have been published on the *ship Startup Magazine. For me personally it has open a new door especially to writing and serves as an affirmation from the *ship team”.

“To be able to attend *ship – The Startup Festival would be such an amazing opportunity. I would get to make many valuable connections.”


Not to forget, we have had great IT support from our ambassadors Muhammad Sharjeel Sheikh and Muhammad Zain Ul Abadin Mughal from Pakistan. They have both recently graduated from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences and run a startup house called Phlox Inc. With their support we were able to launch a new website for *ship 2017.

Compiled by: Vinh Le is an intern at *ship and a business student at XAMK. Striving for a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and technology, he is thrilled to observe these two things burnishing each other.

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