Five best articles in Startup Mag

2019 crew is honoured to be the fifth generation of *ship; and to celebrate this significant benchmark, we gladly introduce series #shipbig5 to tribute to the 5 incredible years *ship has been through. Opening the series, we want to look back at 3 years of Startup Mag with 5 highlight articles that best summarize the startup journey of a *shipster.

1. Falling for Entrepreneurship

“Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?”

– Steve Jobs

This famous quote has inspired many ambitious hearts to pursue their dreams in entrepreneurship. However, there are even more people who have an idea and do nothing about it. The fear of failure is perhaps the biggest reason why these people postpone their startup ideas for years and probably forever. All they need is some inspiration, a hook that helps them overcome their fear and start working on the business. While stories of the phenomenal startups might be too distant, Startup Mag author collected three cases from rather more “normal” people and how they decide to build their own startups.
Falling for entrepreneurship

2. 10 reasons to attend *ship Startup Festival

Understanding the financial struggle of any startups, *ship was founded in 2015 in order to support entrepreneurs with a main prize of 5000€ by providing them with a fair playground to connect and compete. “Why *ship?” – one may ask. Well, we can proudly tell you that we are the biggest startup competition in the South-Eastern Finland region with a 5-year journey of consecutive successes. And if it is not enough to convince you, here are more concrete reasons why *ship should be your next stop in your startup career.
10 reasons to attend *ship Startup Festival

3. Stop wasting time – Get yourself a startup mentor

At the beginning of your startup journey, it is easy to do research on the Internet and find all kinds of “how to” guides and tips. But there are deeper layers of information that the Internet does not provide – those are the insights, experiences and unspoken norms in the business world. Now there are normally two choices: either you experience and fail many times by yourself to learn the hard way or you pay a lot of money for a personal career mentor who has no guarantee that they will benefit your startup. But *ship provides you with a third choice: free sessions with top mentors from Finland and around the world with a chance to compete for 5000€. You can gain intense insight and knowledge from various experts in different fields of business. *ship did an interview with one of our mentors, Tuukka Ylälahti, to discuss the crucial role of a startup mentor.
Stop wasting time – Get yourself a startup mentor

4. Giving a Powerful Presentation – Improve your Pitching

Pitch Captain Competition is the soul of *ship. Every team has to pitch about their ideas in 3 minutes in order to impress the judges to make it to the top 10, and then to win 5000€. They have only one opportunity to change their lives, to start pursuing their dreams, and it starts with learning how to utilize those 3 minutes. Check out this *ship’s blog post to see some aspects you should take into consideration while preparing your pitch.
Giving a Powerful Presentation – Improve your Pitching

5. The winner’s journey

Finally, when you are ready to be a participant, what else would be more advantageous than taking a look at the story of the former winners of *ship? panerai replica fake watches replica
The winner’s journey

This year *ship will be held in the city of Kotka on 1st and 2nd of August in Vellamo Maritime Center. We hope to see you there!