In this #shipbig5 -post, we will list the top 5 achievements from all the former *ship Startup Festivals.


2015 was the most important milestone for us. It was the first time *ship was introduced to the startup world. We started as a rather “cozy” event with invitation-only participation from entrepreneurial societies (ES’s) in Helsinki, Kouvola, Lappeenranta, and Turku. 35 young bright entrepreneurs came to *ship and had their careers taken to the next level, helping *ship gained its reputation and marked its own position right from the very first steps.


In hopes that *ship could reach beyond Finnish border, Ambassador’s Program was piloted alongside with the main event for the first time. Change-makers and enthusiasts from all over the world could be a part of *ship by completing assigned tasks remotely. Because of this, the international group of people got a chance to connect and share knowledge with each other while supporting the aspiring entrepreneurs on their roads. There were over 100 startups joining the event, tripled the number of participants we had the previous year.


Continuing the Ambassador’s Program, *ship crew took a step further in the event organization by creating an online competition. The online competition took us by surprise with its coverage. It attracted 930 young entrepreneurs and 650 startups across 90 countries. On the main event, we gladly welcomed 150 startup teams taking part in *ship and held two hackathon challenges in collaboration with local companies. As a result, this success declared *ship’s position in the entrepreneurial world as the biggest startup competition in South-Eastern Finland.


2018 marked a big change to the structure of *ship with the introduction of Master Classes and Clinics. These are parts of the Mentor Program, along with Meetups, with the aim to provide richer and more thorough mentoring sessions. Although piloted for the first time, Master Classes and Clinics received so many positive feedback from the participant that we decided to increase the number of Master Classes for this year. And this year, we established partnerships with 8 more accelerators and attracted 50 startups team. Increasing the number of *shipsters and strengthened the *ship community.


This year, we honored to organize *ship for the fifth time. With previous years’ foundations, we are confident to bring you another prosperous *ship. And we will let you decide what is the biggest achievement we have this year. Join us on the 1st and 2nd of August in Vellamo Maritime Center and let us know what impresses you the most 😉 

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