There has been quite heavy seas during the year of 2020. Covid-19 Pandemic has spread across the whole world and has shaken everything familiar to us. People have to find new ways to do basic things and tasks in a daily basis. This situation has a severe impact to entrepreneurs and to the world’s economy. In *ship we preach that the power of society and cooperation will make us, together go towards a better future. That is the reason we want to arrange *ship Startup Festival also in year 2020.

Hybrid event

*ship Startup Festival is going to happen from 12th to 14th of August. Because of the current situation we have decided to arrange a hybrid event. The event consists of two parts: Mentor Program and the Pitch Captain Competition.

The Mentor Program (12th – 13th) is an online program and we are going to add new interesting features to it. There is going to be three online sub-programs: Master Classes, Clinics and Lead Mentor Program. Master Classes include a combination of lectures and workshops with mentors discussing various topics related to entrepreneurship. The Clinics program consists of 20-minute consulting sessions with different experts on various topics, from establishing a business to fine-tuning your pitch presentation.

Lead Mentor Program

This year there will be a Lead Mentor program. During this program every team has their own leading mentor, who will advise them in pitching, developing ideas, business plans and other startup related matters. Then again, this will bring more value to startups and mentors as well. They will have more time and opportunities to network and get deeper into collaboration.   

Pitch Captain Competition

Semifinals of the PCC will be online, and the participants will submit their pre-recorded video pitches after the Mentor Program. On 13th of August, after the online part of the event, the chosen Top 10 teams will be invited to compete for the grand prize of 5 000 € to the Market Square in Kotka. The PCC Finals will be held on 14th of August. 

Pitches will be organized in the traditional way, meaning that we will give each team our *ship stage to be taken over. The finals will also be live streamed for the audience at home. We make sure to follow the recommendations during the pandemic and keep every participant and the judges safe.  

We hope that you are all well and you can participate to this year’s event and we are very excited about the event and the new features! Follow us on our social media accounts for more information and interesting content. Next week we are going to tell more about the Lead Mentor Program. Stay tuned!

*ship crew