Another *ship passed and left us with so many memories and emotions. We welcomed renowned mentors, talented startups with many beloved visitors. *ship 2019 marked another remarkable summer of entrepreneurship spirit, companionship and friendship.

Mentor Program

As planned, we had Master Classes and Clinics on both days, doubling the number of sessions we had last year. Even though startups were busy getting ready for the Pitch Captain Competition on the second day, the majority of sessions were fully booked very early.

Personal Branding has been a very popular topic in *ship Master Classes and received lots of interests from our participants. This year, we were honored to have Juhani Tamminen – Sports coach and Founder of Eurotam Oy – as our guest speaker on the topic.

*Founders Dinner & *Founders Cruise

In order to introduce our *shipsters to a new part of Kotka every year, we always try to be creative with our *Founders Dinner and *Founders Cruise. This year, our guests were served a lovely dinner overseeing the Gulf of Finland at the Meriniemi Restaurant. The route for *Founders Cruise was also different, bringing a fresh experience to our *shipsters.

Pitch Captain Competition 

This year, the finalists had a chance to pitch their ideas at Kotka Market Square – a bigger yet more challenging stage. They all excellently owned the stage and impressed the judges as well as the audiences. The winner of this year’s Pitch Captain Competition – SciAR Oy –   received not only 5000€ but also the tickets for Web Summit Tech Conference 2019 in Lisbon this November.

*Closing Gala 

The memorable event ended with our cozy *Closing Gala at VPK with the presence of startups, mentors, visitors and the whole crews. It was a precious moment for us to look back at the amazing journey that we have had, and just enjoyed our time together.

And more…

We managed to take a step further this year in connecting people by bringing the accelerators together in our ES meetups. The accelerators had been able to meet and discuss different topics to determine factors that helped to develop a startup and the startup ecosystem in general.

This year, not only present audiences can join our tremendous event, but also remote audiences can follow the programs. We carried out a live broadcast on our Youtube Channel to reach out *shipsters that couldn’t be there with us. It was a huge passionate effort of Marketing Team to make this happen with an aim to connect with other entrepreneurs around the world. 

What’s next?

The road after *ship is wide opened for all of our *shipsters with a full year of possibilities and opportunities. And we wish nothing more than all the best for your journey ahead. We will keep sailing and hope to see you at *ship 2020 with brand new and exciting stories to share.

Thank you so much for being with us in this amazing journey, it has been a wonderful summer to the *ship crew <3

We will come back real soon!