What is it like to jump into the helm of *ship Startup Festival? 

The *ship Project Team

Every year the crew in *ship Startup Festival does absolute wonders. An international group of students – all strangers to each other – join together in making this one of a kind startup event in South Eastern Finland. It’s amazing to get to be a part of the team that connects so fast and becomes almost like a little summer family, all working together towards a mutual goal.

The project team is in charge of the overall event preparation, from the recruitment to after -event reporting. There are 2 people in this team; myself, Laura and the project assistant, Ilona. The project team has a lot of concrete event management responsibilities, such as recruitment, timetables, team building, budgeting, venue preparations, partners and the general “plan of action” for the event.


What is in store for *ship 2020?

This year has definitely brought a new set of challenges for us. In addition to the other tasks, one of the most important parts of the event creation is the interaction between the crew members, and working remotely has forced us to think outside the box and adjust our mindset from how we thought the Summer would go – not to mention how we thought the event itself would initially look like.

We’d say one of the most rewarding aspects of this job is to witness over and over how the whole crew overcomes any challenges that come up, supports each other unconditionally and genuinely enjoys working together. No matter the occasional emotional rollercoaster that event management sometimes is, this extremely talented work family gives confidence in one’s work, and that level of energy truly shows in the outcome too.

The whole team took on this challenge as they are; professionals working together to make the best *ship happen with the possibilities that we are given.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy this year’s *ship as much as much as we enjoyed making it! 😊 


Laura & Ilona, the *ship Project team