*ship – The Startup Festival and Sitra have joined hands to inspire young people to take part in solving our most pressing global problems by developing business ideas based on a circular economy.

A circular economy is a great alternative to a traditional linear economy, as it maximizes the use of materials and retains resources, so that they are kept in use for as long as possible, then regenerated, and recovered. This leads to new opportunities for growth and the reduction of waste which subsequently benefits the environment and the economy.

Sitra is an active fund for the future of studies and research. It brings together partners from different sectors in open-minded trials and reforms. Sitra’s future-oriented work is aimed at making Finland succeed as a pioneer of sustainable well-being.

*ship – The Startup Festival is a startup event which connects the next-generation of entrepreneurs with mentors worldwide. *ship brings together accelerators, early-stage startups, investors, mentors, students and other entrepreneurial-minded champions annually to the city of Kotka to celebrate entrepreneurship!

Together Sitra and *ship want to promote the pressing possibilities in a circular economy. The collaboration is based on an online competition called the Circular Economy Pop-Up Challenge, which aims to generate early-stage circular economy ideas. For the participants there is an opportunity to win a 10-day experience that includes fully-covered tickets to *ship – The Startup Festival, cruise in a sail boat from Kotka to Turku, coaching on online marketing and game-changing meetings with experts to support their ideas.

With the support of ELY Growth Project: