What’s up?

The Startup Summer Camp, an intensive 10-week accelerator program, kicked off with Palvaanjärvi Bootcamp in mid-May. On Monday, May 16th, the participants gathered at Palvaanjärvi cottage to officially launch their business ideas. It didn’t matter who they are, in which field they are studying, what kind of idea they come up with, but how they are eager to actualize their dream. Some participants came to the venue even earlier than the time they were supposed to be there. Perhaps, this demonstrated their positive attitude as well as their willingness to enable their idea to go to practice.

During the whole week, participants were accelerated to finalize their Business Model Canvas. Furthermore, pitching, obviously and immensely, is an essential skill that all the entrepreneurs cannot miss out. Understanding that, our facilitators Antti Viitanen and Teijo Javanainen orientated future entrepreneurs to practice pitching frequently during the program.

Antti and Teijo both admitted that all the teams were energetic and seriously committed. Teijo once disclosed that his biggest coaching success in the first week was that he did not even have to encourage the participants to actively network. The participants were already going an extra mile to share their business ideas and help each other complete the assigned tasks.

What does it indicate? That they are all set to pitch at *ship The Startup Festival to be held on July 27 & 28th in Kotka. At *ship, they will participated in the Pitch Captain competition and prove to the world that they are the next generation of entrepreneurs who can innovate and make great contributions for the betterment of mankind.

Now, let’s meet the change-makers!

The members of Team Fashion Hospital are perfect representative of powerful young women. They confidently indicated the bad and ugly of hospital garments worn by patients and expressed their enthusiasm to innovate the gowns for the goods. Other female participants include the very passionate Tanja Silvennoinen and Sarah Rosenthal. With regards to professional coaching, they are particularly focusing on Business Development and Public Speaking to pitch at *ship this July.

What about the male participants? Yes, we have quite a bunch of them too! The Carton Crushers pleased the coaches with their friendly and professional attitude. They promised to continuously rehearse their pitch till it is good enough to be presented at the the Pitch Captain competition. What’s more? Mika Jokimies found the first week was fun and challenging at the same time. He is all set up to work the next ten weeks as efficiently as possible.

We like to party.

Indeed, play hard follows work hard! After such a productive week, it would be a shame not to party. We held a BBQ by the lake on the last evening to make the most of our time at Palvaanjärvi cottage. Mother Nature seemed to support us as well with sunshine and cool breeze. Everybody from coaches, participants to staff members was present. It was an ideal occasion to get to know each other on a more personal level. Hopefully, fun times would motivate and encourage us to work even harder and make the Startup Summer Camp and *ship 2016 a success.