Ever since the first *ship Festival in 2015, participants have always enjoyed Clinics and Master Classes as parts of our mentoring programs. Thanks to the founding members of *ship Startup Festival, Clinics and Master Classes are designed with the best intention in mind.

As an event which celebrates and promotes entrepreneurship, we aim at being a playground for startups to learn and test their full potentials. Our hope is to create the most valuable experience possible for startups to growth further as a business. Young entrepreneurs and startup teams have greatly benefitted from participating in Clinics and Masterclasses for the last 5 years and more will continue to this year as well. 

Ask and get some tips in Clinics. 

Clinics are short 20 minutes sessions, during which startups get the chance to talk to different mentors from different areas to perfect their pitch and strengthen their idea’s foundation. From mentors’ point of view, Clinics is a unique experience where one’s expertise is repeatedly tested over the course of two hours. Mentors will meet with many young entrepreneurs who are burning with ambition and unlimited questions. On the other hand, startups can book sessions with mentors beforehand through the *ship app. Therefore, the preparation of questions, challenges and short pitch for the mentors is highly recommended to make sure that each team get the most out of *ship’s Clinics.  

Discuss and learn in Master Classes. 

Masterclasses are 1-hour long sessions during which mentors talk about different entrepreneurial topics. These talks and discussions usually help the startups to figure out a key element to their pitch/ idea. The topics are varied and cover a huge area of expertise, so everyone can find something they need. Moreover, similar to the ancient Greek tradition of Olympic torch relays, the passion of *ship mentors give startups great motivation as they continue to carry on the spirit of entrepreneurship.

As the last word, *ship Startup Festival Crew is very excited to have you in our event. If you got inspired to become a mentor at our event, click this link so we can get in touch with you! Click here

You can also read more about the Lead Mentor session from here!