We cannot stress enough that networking is a huge part of joining *ship. No matter if you are a startup, mentor, or visitor, you can always benefit from the chance we provide you.

Why should we try to establish as wide a network as possible? Firstly, it is granted that you will meet different people with various points of view; and you might end up making good friends who can share your interests. Secondly, networking increases your exposure in the business world and opens tons of opportunities for you. Either it is a powerful alliance which could get your back or a strategic referral to level up your business. Finally, the more you open up to people and talk to them, the more confidence boost you earn for yourself and isn’t it the most important element deciding the fate of your business?

Even though the whole event is already a great networking opportunity, *ship hopes to be that special bridge to connect the young brilliant minds by providing these two sub-programs: 

* Founders Dinner and *Founders Cruise 1.8.2019

You may recall from our previous blog post that this is our annual program dedicated to our mentors and startups. Every year we will try to show them a new part of Kotka. This year, we manage to introduce our guests to this beautiful villa overseeing the Gulf of Finland: the Meriniemi restaurant. The building is 121 years old, with magnificent structure made totally from wood. Our guests will have a chance to bond over delicious food and the incredible view of the sea surrounding Kotka. 

After that, they can continue their discussion on our cruise while enjoying the breathtaking sunset on the Baltic Sea.

*Closing Gala 2.8.2019

To sum up our two-day event, we organize a *Closing Gala to contribute to all the hard work of our *shipsters. The announcement of *ship 2019 winner will be the highlight of the night. In a cozy yet festive atmosphere, where we can all recall what a wonderful journey we have been through together. 

It is the time for startups to look back at their journey: how much they have learnt and how far they have gone. It is also the time for our staff to look back at our 3-month journey together, to enjoy and cherish what we have been able to carry out. 

The *Closing Gala will be held in the ballroom of Kotka VPK on the 2nd of August.