Nowadays, entrepreneurship is all about networking, building relationships and taking action.
At *ship, we do our best to put the participants together to network, talk and give the teams their best chances to develop and refine their idea. Our aim is to match all mentors and startups according to their fields of expertise and possibly get them to form long-term relationships with each other.

This year, we host a range of evening events and programs to provide you with the opportunity to meet with fellow startup teams, business leaders, investors and mentors.

Founders Dinner & Cruise 01.08.2018

On the evening of the 1st day, all the participants are taken to have a dinner at city of Hamina. The town is known for its magnificent views of the sea, landscapes and history. However, it is not only a great opportunity to enjoy a pleasant Finnish evening but also to connect with new people who share similar drive and ambition!

After the dinner, participants will sail from Hamina back to Kotka. On board participants have a chance to enjoy some drinks in good company, while they slowly float in the unique archipelago as the sun sets in to the Baltic Sea.

Closing Gala 02.08.2018

In the end of the 2nd day, Pitch Captain winners will be announced at the Gala and the event will be closed in a festive atmosphere. We believe that hard work deserves celebrated and remembered. Therefore, we want to end this year’s *ship as an another memorable festival, where all the participants are proud of their achievements and keep pursuing their goals with an ambitious mind in the future as well!



Author: Mimi Hla is a third-year Business Management student living in Mikkeli. For this summer, she will be working as a communication coordinator in our *ship team. She is passionate about living a meaningful life as well as travelling and exploring the world.