In the following blog post, we would like to explain how the mentoring program will work this year being fully online.  
The outline of the event is the same as has always been. Clinics and Masterclasses are staying with us for this year as well.  

Clinics are short 20 minutes sessions, during which startups get the chance to talk to different mentors from different areas to perfect their pitch and strengthen their idea’s foundation. From a mentors’ point of view, Clinics are a unique experience where one’s expertise is repeatedly tested over the course of two hours. Mentors will meet with many young entrepreneurs who are burning with ambition and unlimited questions.  

Hence this year the event is fully online, Clinics will be booked within Deal Room by the startups and added to one’s personal agenda once the sessions are confirmed by the mentor. 

Master Classes on the other hand have a completely different purpose. Master Classes provide startups a vibrant experience that broadens their perception of the idea itself. During these Master Classes, the Mentors will give in-depth information on certain aspects of entrepreneurship and having a startup company. Teams will be able to get familiar with new, innovative ideas and deeply understand certain aspects of their operations. Master Classes have limited seating and are booked by the startups before/during the event. 

In addition to the mentioned Mentoring Program, we are adding a new element this year to provide content for visitors and key stakeholders of the event itself. This year, you will also be able to listen to keynotes\webinars on the “Mainstage” section of the event. With limitless seating, these webinars provide content for all audiences participating, so startups, mentors, and visitors will be able to learn, engage in the content, and network throughout the event program itself.  

Expo area 

On Deal Room exhibitors, partners, and sponsors can brand themselves. A Virtual booth brings valuable visibility and can increase the business by bringing leads. 

In Deal Room, it is not only visuals. Event participants are able to explore the booths and have interactive opportunities with the booth team members by sending meeting requests or chat messages. 
(How to build an expo 2021, Deal Room) 

If you would like to sign up to be a part of the event, you can still do it at the attend section!

If you have any questions regarding the mentoring program itself, feel free to send us an email at: