Hello Y’all! Quick update on how it feels like working for *Ship. 

Working in the Mentors team, and in general, with *ship is challenging (a little) but also very rewarding. As every other job, this one also has its own difficulties, pitfalls, and struggles; on the same note, it is also one of the most rewarding positions. The final event always overcompensates everything *shi* that comes before.  

This year, as same as last year, we are inviting 30 mentors to support our startups in developing pioneering business ideas and turning them into reality. We are incredibly honored to be part of the life-changing opportunity for young startups. It makes us truly happy to see that some of the startups from our previous events actually created companies and started selling their product/service to customers.  

What are hybrid events and why would anyone organize one of those? 

People asks us how we once organize a physical event, which is at the same location for years, and now just move the “entire” event online. A lot of ideas were put in a basket and we blind-picked one… 🙂 

In reality though, we took a look at how the event was organized, tested out a couple of platforms, did some benchmarking on them and finally landed on the Hybrid event idea. At the end of the day, health is our main concern so, this is the best option, with which we can keep the authentic vibe that comes with our name: *ship Startup Festival.  

What are really the mentors team jobs? Well, quite a bit! I would not bore you guys with the details, but I’d rather explain how it feels. 

It takes courage to fight the excitement that you feel before calling up a mentor and explaining what *ship is about. BUT, the adrenaline rush that you experience when they actually say yes and come to our event to support the teams is way more rewarding than the fear at the initial call. In the end, that scary dragon becomes not more than a casual phone call that you can take anytime, anywhere. Not to mention that we are never alone! The team is always behind our back and supports us whenever we need it.

We are in this *ship together, and we shall work together to bring the best event for everyone involved. #2getthere2gether 

From Henrik – *Ship 2020 Mentors Manager with love <3