*ship The Startup Festival 2016 is getting closer. In other words, it’s been almost a year since the success of *ship 2015. Our attendees have grown along with their startups, and have loads of interesting stories to share. That’s why we tried to get in touch with them. Let’s see what’s going on at their end.

Juha Ylimäki – who attended *ship 2015 – has been working on a game called Shadow Bug. He and his team pitched in the Pitch Captain competition and made it to the final round. Juha described it as one of his most memorable *ship moments. In addition to the pitch competition, the opportunity to meet and consult mentors really added value to his personal and professional growth. He had a great time sharing sharing game matters with Antti Viitanen, *ship’s main organizer. While *ship added to their business knowledge, Juha and his team participated in different game events afterwards so as to widen their horizons in the field of game development. To make it short and exciting, Shadow Bug game was published two months ago. Yes, you have

it right and the game has attracted a huge influx of young generation of gamers. Shadow Bug is now available on Appstore and achieves significant numbers of players every day. What’s next? Well, the Shadow Buggers are on their way to publishing a new game already.

Jussi Ojala shared another great startup story with us. After Startup Summer Camp and *ship 2015, Jussi Ojala established his own company called Loadbro, which concentrated on innovating the transportation industry through technological enhancements. Unfortunately, his company went in bankruptcy and stopped processing three weeks age. That happened due to a multitude of mistakes, ranging from slow flow of transactions to vague vision of the long-term profits.

Despite this, Loadbro was a success story from Startup Summer Camp and *ship 2015. Jussi learned a lot from his mistakes, and came up with an avalanche of business ideas related to logistics and transportation for future growth. Now, he is working at an American shipping company. Talking about *ship 2015, Jussi described it as a joyful experience. He was inspired by mentors’ willingness to help. Interestingly, we were disclosed that mentors made great contributions to majority of his decisions at Loadbro. Moreover, the venue  Vellamo Maritime Center, really inspired him. Lastly, he would love to see us again at *ship 2016. And we are excitedly looking forward to having his presence at *ship 2016!

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Author: Trinh Tran is an International Marketing student at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. She is passionate about writing and wishes to use the power of words to enhance entrepreneurship that may change the world. She is originally from Saigon, Vietnam.