Heli Sirkiä is a values-driven personal branding and business coach who helps professionals and companies in making their expertise visible and build their reputation in an authentic way that can create values beyond profits with their marketing. She is also the founder or Diamond of Life Coaching.

Heli is an important mentor that hosted a 60-minute-masterclass on the first day of *ship, with the topic of Aligning Customer Experience, Company, and Personal Branding.

She started her career as an image and color consultant in the 90s, when Windows was just launched. Marketing has evolved a lot since those early days of the Internet, it is now a completely different game. In 2009, she realized that Personal Branding is her true passion and strength. She decided it’s the time to develop her career path into Personal Branding, by so she created Diamond of Life (ElämänTimantti®) Personal Branding and self-leadership concept in 2009 based on her experiences.

But what exactly is Personal branding?

Just like companies have brands, also people are creating their brands during their lives, perhaps not so intentionally. Your brand is formed by your achievements, your professional skills, your personality, abilities, lifestyle… How you introduce yourself to others and how other people evaluate your characteristics creates your unintentional personal brand. In order to stand out in your “market”, which is the competitive job market, and to make people remember you with your good values, a personal branding strategy should be implemented in the early years of your career. In other words, you should picture yourself as a designer in your career, and your job is to build a brand and promote a marketing strategy for it. Thus, you can turn the unintentional-already-had personal brand into a unique and powerful tool to win people and stay in charge of your career development.

Heli’s target customers are individuals, companies, and entrepreneurs who are seeking career transformation and self-improvement (personal development). When developing her services, she decided to market her business in English, not Finnish, in order to aim at the global market and international startups.

“It was a difficult decision, it’s an example of changing the directions of your brand”, Heli said.

She started in Finnish so she had to redefine her strategy and contents to the international audiences. She hired Canadian and American coaches to give a more international point of view, otherwise, she might have been thinking too Finnish.

“If you want to grow outside of Finland, you need mentors representing those audiences”, Heli advised.

Heli’s greatest motivation is helping people in their self-development path.

“Many people have gifts and skills, they just need the confidence to develop them further and market themselves. And whatever people want to offer, I can help them give it a try.”

She is now developing another program for leadership, called “Redefining Leadership”, with the objective to take company Leadership on a sustainable path with a long-term focus.

Heli said that many people still think about Personal Branding as something superficial like icing on the cake. She still often needs to explain that the results of successful personal branding can be evaluated by a new better matching job, higher salary, reputation and higher revenues for companies. She is not the one who creates the brand for her customers. She is just a coach, a mentor, a guide who uses her skills and experiences to develop the client’s brand visibility and brand equity, it’s always the individual that makes the decision and takes action.

“There is no magic formula out there to create a brand for you, it’s inside you. What I can do, is help you define your authentic voice and better express yourself and the value you offer.” – Heli


Author: Nguyen Anh Le – a Vietnamese writer, author of one Vietnamese first book and on the way to her second book. Born to be a trendsetter and content writer. An entrepreneur and personal branding consultant wanna-be.