“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” — Michael Hyatt, NY Times Best Selling Author.

To become the largest start-up festival in South-Eastern Finland, *ship was not built in a day. Every year, it takes tremendous effort from every team member to make *ship happen, with one true goal: to connect start-ups and mentors from all over Finland. 

Marketing team changes every year, but our mission will always remain the same. We are determined to bring the essence of *ship to you – start-ups, mentors and everyone who has a burning passion for entrepreneurship!

New year, new team – who are we?

The Marketing team would not be complete without first and foremost, our beloved manager – Laura Kemppi, who is pursuing a degree in Service Design at XAMK. Laura does everything with heart and instinct, which makes being in a team with her so enjoyable. 

Konstantin is a Marketing magician, with a focus in Advertising. Without him, we would be quite lost on how to bring you all the necessary information of *ship, especially with the online-based groove we are going with this year.

And then we have Long, or Leo, or Lohikäärme, whatever name he chooses to go with on a good day. Long was a part of the Marketing team for *ship 2019, and he decided to come back to make *ship happen again in 2020. Long is a perfectionist who cares about even the tiniest details, that is why every post you see on social media is guaranteed to deliver all the correct information and stay true to the spirit of *ship.

The last member of the Marketing team is me, Trang! I am a fourth-year Business student at XAMK Kouvola. I made the decision to join *ship 2020 because my Marketing skills can always use a sharpening, and *ship just seems like the best community to show off what I have learned and learn what I have not.

Apart physically – Connect mentally

As we all know, this is an unexpectedly bizarre time for all of us. Businesses have to close down, a lot of things are being postponed, workers are forced to work from home. *ship is not an exception, as the Marketing team consists of the four of us – who are all working remotely, but together. 

We believe that the team spirit will not be lost no matter what the circumstances are. Laura, Konstantin, Long and myself are all working hard to bring *ship to YOU – startups, mentors, attendees, students, and anyone who wants to be exposed to the magic of entrepreneurship. 

Get to know more about us and *ship by tuning in to our blog posts and future events. You would not want to miss it! On behalf of the Marketing team, we promise to do our utmost to deliver the best experience possible to all of you. *ship will not sink, despite the heavy seas!