What do all business superstars have in common? They shine! Behind all the glamour and glitter lies a lot of hard work and dedication. Business Superstars like PepsiCo’s CEO, Indra Nooyi, Anne Sweeny of Disney Media Networks and others inspire normal people like you and me. Sometimes, working under pressure can be a really hard thing to do, but there are lessons from business superstars who can and are willing to help make each and every one of us successful. If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to become one, here are some lessons from Martin Zwilling.

  1. Measure yourself and others on results. This has and can be done through demonstration of innovative ideas, notwithstanding impressive results, superstars and the following enterprises such as Elon Musk from SpaceX, Tesla Motors and Hyperloop as well as Jack Welch from GE in emerging market acquisitions. And of course, this why superstars all over can get recognized from their activities like those who’ve gone before. These activities, relevant to timely completion, can be translated into results through their actions. However, what is important and necessary is that we sufficiently improve our dreams and ideas as well as tasks and meetings with other like-minded superstars to set the base for a drive force to the economy.
  2. Hone intuition and experiences into decision rules. The one thing that one must always remember is that superstars don’t quit. They never stop learning. In fact, superstars improve their chances of getting ahead by being equipped with the right tools, street-smarts, rules of thumb or maybe even gut reactions which lead us to move quickly in order to achieve results quickly and with the power to think in real time. In order to accelerate your productivity, one must constantly be positive through work/life experiences, previous failures and effective communication.
  3. Strive to simplify complex situations. Work life, with all of its complications, can sometimes cause disruptions in our daily running system. Major breakthrough in technology and business helps create simple facts. Remembering the right tools through complex situations erases intimidation and the roadmap to being a business superstar. By striving to reduce the complexities of underlying problems, all superstars can generate understanding their work path and efficiently, attain their results.
  4. Focus on urgent priorities and more than emergencies. Prioritizing urgent matters can lead to greater success. Despite certain challenges, or in moments of crisis, being proactive ensures sustainability in the long run. One way to become a superstar is by thinking ahead. This means that advance decision-making on where and how to execute your efforts with very little excuses. This means that the generation of positive results will always be the outcome.
  5. Use Root Cause Analysis to avoid working on symptoms. Root Cause Analysis helps superstars determine what and why things happen and reducing the likelihood of it never happening. For example, in a company, team members utilize resources to uplift unhappy customers. However, sometimes the underlying problems really needs to assessed. In addition to this, product quality, inefficient processes and failure to distribute make headway in creating damage that can destroy a workforce. Luckily, determination and motivation are some of the best remedies to assuage the root of a problem.
  6. Build a support network but do your homework before using it. A support network creates opportunities for greater chances of success. This can be done through expert advice and counsel. Superstars always get encouragement from business persons who have more experience than their years. Research can be accomplished through this method. However, it is advisable to invest in valuable resources and make the most of it, thereby turning it into an economic venture. That makes the response quick, fast and easy!
  7. Vanquish the fear and procrastination that delays action. If you faced with a business challenge, overcoming it may prove difficult. After all, courage and conviction overcomes everything! What is the best antidote one may ask? It lies in conquering your fear and by doing so, this in turn helps to decipher what’s best and renew passion for your business. One suggested antidote is that minimal procrastination so that greater outcomes can be rewarded.
  8. Recognize that no risk or action means no gain. By not accepting responsibility and being accountable for our actions, one can ascertain a recipe for disaster. Whether you are a person or a company, superstars should find ways to divert challenges and seek greater alternatives by making smart choices and proceeding to action. It is best and probably the ultimate solution to take smart risks in the long run to increase greater productivity.

From my point of view, if I were to be a business superstar, I’d carefully jot down these points. Taking advantage of situations such as working with experts in the field can help develop your career path. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I believe in taking chances and making the most of opportunities. As any individual, I’d say to follow your dreams because the sky is limit.

Author: Louise Andrew is a recent graduate of Monroe College in Saint Lucia, an Eastern Caribbean island nation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Louise enjoys taking part in activities that foster leadership and personal growth. Currently, she is aiming to start her own recycling business to improve the environmental standards of disposing plastic waste material in Saint Lucia and hopefully other Caribbean islands.