*ship Startup Festival is happy to announce exciting changes in our Mentoring Program!  

The Mentoring Program will be executed fully online this year. However, *ship’s familiar Meetups have been replaced with the Lead Mentor sessions. The idea for these sessions came from the startup world, where every starting entrepreneur should find their own Lead Investor. Having a lead investor is crucial as it helps to establish credibility in the market. The lead investor, as an “ambassador”, will lower the threshold for other investors to join in.  

“The idea for these sessions came from the startup world”

We wanted to bring this idea to *ship and modify it to work for our pre-stage startups. This way we can offer personal mentoring for the teams as much as possible, and keep on supporting the startups on their entrepreneurial path. Our lead mentors will be in charge of guiding their teams throughout *ship event and help them to become the Pitch Captains of *ship 2020! 

Let the mentors lead! 

Each team will be provided one 1-hour session with their lead mentor. During this time, the mentors and the startups will be able to concentrate on developing their pitches, polishing business ideas in general or connect to the mentors’ networks. Ultimately, the Lead Mentor sessions can be used however the participants and the mentors feel as necessary.  


Networking is important to everyone, but particularly for people who aim to be entrepreneurs as you will need valuable connections. Startups are not restricted to just their 1-hour Lead Mentor sessions, as they are encouraged to initiate more communication with the *ship mentors. Either to meet in person or online after the official part of the event, mentors and startups have the freedom to make meetings arrangement. Be it about networking, developing, learning or all of them, those meetings are the next step for startups to take as they storm forward to the future.  

Startups, apply from here!

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