There is only 1 week left until *ship 2017 officially sets sail from Kotka. This year we are welcoming 17 mentors from all around the world. Their expertises are diverse but all aiming to foster regional entrepreneurship by providing startups with latest tips and practices.

World-class mentors

We are privileged to have mentors like >Bruce Oreck and a href=”″>Neal Hartman from MIT.  Bruce Oreck was also a mentor in 2015, and his comeback is a great addition to *ship this year. We also warmly welcome mentors from our main-sponsors, Google and Xamk University of Applied Sciences, as well as our partners and universities from different countries. Their fields ranges from IT (data privacy and analytics), fintech, verbal marketing to digital health as well as gaming… and this is only to mention a few. This huge range of in-depth expertise definitely promises a truly enormous knowledge of resources for fresh entrepreneurs to grab and implement to their ideas.

A unique Program

*ship strives for letting both Mentors and Startups get the most out of the event. Reckoning this notion since the very beginning, we have made our goal to create unique mentoring sessions. As for our agenda, on Wednesday, July 12th, Startups will participate in intensive workshop and mentoring sessions with our experts. For deeper interaction, we ship the Startups and Mentors in the Mentor Cruise for lunch and networking on both Wednesday and Thursday. This will be an ideal opportunity for fresh Startups to network and share knowledge with like-minded successors. Furthermore, in V2 Hall, there is also a special area named Engine Room where Startups are able to have face-to-face coaching sessions with experts.

The STAGE Seminar

On the last day of the event(Thursday, July 13th), we are looking for an inspiring Seminar full of practical and candid talks from global entrepreneurship champions. Topics vary from success strategies, creative disruptive technologies to collaborations between startups and large corporations. This seminar takes place in V2 Hall before the Pitch Caption Top 10 competition at Kotka Market Square.

The list of world-class Mentors this year is now available on . Check it out!

Author: Vinh Le is an intern at *ship and a business student at XAMK. Striving for deep understanding on entrepreneurship and technology, he is thrilled to observe these two things burnishing each other.