Pitching – a modern term defining public speaking – has become immensely important to not only businessmen but also people working in all fields. Perceiving that notion, we at *ship The Startup Festival would like to disclose the top secret for an awesome pitch. Interestingly, Mike Bradshaw, the Startup Summer Camp’s coach who is professional at coaching entrepreneurs regarding pitching, is the advisor. Based on his wise knowledge and great bit of experience, you can absolutely be certain of how effectively the tip works.

Here we go!

There are many blog posts and videos stating several means and tips to deliver a good presentation. In contrast, Mike Bradshaw gave only one tip estimated to work for anyone. Particularly, the secret is: DO IT! What does it mean? Mike once told us that we should never be afraid of speaking in public. Instead, we shall actually implement our speech, put on the recorder and then, be honest to indicate what we do. Do not get confused here! Mike explained that indication on the right things we do would give us more encouragement and motivation to go on with practicing pitching. Also, feel free to repeat – approximately 100 times or even more. The idea behind this is: the more you practice, the better you get.

Moreover, what surprised us is Mike’s idea of pitching to everyone we meet, which we had never thought of before. For further explanation, we observed that whenever we hold a conversation, we do talk about these four things: who, what, why and how. Later, people ask questions for further discussion and we respond with further information. Therefore, these pieces combine and make valid contribution to a pitch in practice. So one more step to go: beware of what you say and what you do, then, enhance it!

n addition, we do believe that some people are fearful of public speaking. Particularly, they are usually nervous that their performance on stage would not reach their expectations despite thorough preparation. So, we asked Mike for advice in this scenario. Here are some things that you may find useful for improvement. First, it is important to prepare the content for your pitch but what’s even more important is the eagerness and the enthusiasm to be out there and give it your best. It is ok if you are not feeling unsure and self-doubting. As per a popular saying, “Fake it till you make it.” Besides, Mike suggested joining a club as motivation may come from positive peers. Toastmasters.org is a suggestion.

That’s it from our side for now. You better start DO-ING!

Author: Trinh Tran is an International Marketing student at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. She is passionate about writing and wishes to use the power of words to enhance entrepreneurship that may change the world. She is originally from Saigon, Vietnam.