Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is *ship Startup Festival?
    *ship Startup Festival is an annual startup event organized by Patteri Entrepreneurship Society (Patteri ES) in Kotka, Finland.

  • What is *ship?
    *ship is the short name of *ship Startup Festival.

  • Where does *ship happen?
    Maritime Center Vellamo at the city by the sea Kotka will hold *ship 2019.

  • When does *ship happen?
    The 1st and 2nd of August, 2019.

  • Why does *ship happen?
    *ship happens with the aim at supporting and connecting the next generations of startups with mentors worldwide.

  • Why is it called “*ship”?
    The story behind “ship” is that it was originally from entrepreneurSHIP along with the fact that ships are the symbol of Kotka island and ships bring people to new lands. Therefore, *ship Startup Festival is to celebrate entrepreneurialism and support startups with network and expertise.

  • Why is “*” standing before “ship”?
    Grammatically, the “*” (asterisk) functions as a – (hyphen) which is to “join two words together” (Cambridge Dictionary).
    The word “ship” was inspired by entrepreneurSHIP. Yet, there are by far vital aspects in the business field that change-makers need to pay attention to including companion-ship, partner-ship, interrelation-ship, leader-ship, etc. Hence, the “*” before the word “ship” represents a stronger emphasis while creating our signature.

  • What does *ship 2019 consist of?
    The program of *ship 2019 includes 7 activities in 3 categories: Mentoring (Meetups, Clinics and Master Classes), Pitch Captain Competition and Networking (*Founders Dinner, *Founders Cruise, *Closing Gala).


  • What are batches?
    Startups coming to *ship are divided into 5 batches: Disrupt, Innovate, Entertain, Impact and Design.

  • Disrupt
    – Create new or transform markets or business

  • Innovate
    – Improve existing solutions

  • Entertain
    – Help fight boredom

  • Impact
    – Change the world for better tomorrows

  • Design
    – Enhance our everyday experiences with products or services


  • What is Meetup?
    Meetup is a 1-hour session where 1 startup meets 5 mentors for consultation.
    Each meeting between 1 startup and 1 mentor lasts 10 minutes.
    Meetups between startups and mentors require prior reservation.

  • When do Meetups happen?
    On the first day of *ship 2019, 1.8.2019.

  • What do Meetups provide to startups?
    Startups can receive advice and sharing from mentors about business solutions for their further development.

  • How many meetups are there in *ship 2019?
    5 meetups will be organized for 5 different batches.

  • Can startups choose the mentors that they want to meet?
    We are sorry but startups cannot because mentors and startups are divided based on their batches. However, *ship makes sure that the right startup will meet the right mentor.
    Besides, there are opportunities in Networking programs where startups can freely contact with any mentors as they desire.

  • How to pre-arrange meetups with mentors?
    Pre-arrangement is done by *ship.
    The information will be sent in advance to startups via email several days before *ship 2019.


  • What is Clinic?
    Clinic is a 20-minute session in a variety of business-related topics in which the more personalised consultation between mentors and startups is arranged.

  • When do Clinics happen?
    On both days of *ship 2019.

  • How can startups reserve Clinics?
    Clinics can be reserved via *ship App in advance.

  • Can startups participate in Clinics without prior reservation?
    Clinics are required to be reserved in advance. However, if spots are cancelled, startups can join Clinics by standing in line.
    The chance to join might be low due to high demand.

  • What do Clinics provide to startups?
    In Clinics, startups are provided with more time and are able to discuss with mentors with more personalised content, compared to Meetups.

Master Class

  • What is Master Class?
    Master Class is a 1-hour session which mentors give hand-on lectures and workshops discussing various topics related to business and entrepreneurship.

  • What are the topics of Master Classes?
    Topics of Master Classes are altered annually.
    The topics of Master Classes 2019 will be updated on *ship App.

  • How many Master Classes are there during 2 days of *ship?
    There will be 5 Master Classes each day, 10 of them in total.

  • How to participate in Master Classes?
    Master Classes are open for all *ship participants but prior reservation via *ship App is required.
  • How to reserve a seat in Master Classes?
    Master Classes can be reserved via *ship App in advance.

  • What do Master Classes provide to startups?
    Startups are provided with opportunities to gain more knowledge on specific and practical experiences from mentors’ sharing, lectures and/or workshops.

  • Can startups join Master Classes without prior reservation?
    Master Classes are required to be reserved in advance. However, if spots are cancelled, startups can join Master Classes by standing in line.
    The chance to join might be low due to high demand.


  • What are Networking programs?
    Networking programs consist of 3 activities:
    – *Founders Dinner
    – *Founders Cruise
    – *Closing Gala

  • What is *Founders Dinner?
    Founders Dinner is organized by *ship with the aim of gathering all participants around tables to indulge in good food while sharing entrepreneurial stories.

  • When is *Founders Dinner?
    *Founders Dinner takes place on the first day evening of *ship, 1.8.2019.

  • Who can join *Founders Dinner?
    *Founders Dinner is an exclusive event for Invited guests only.

  • Are there meals for people with special diet or allergies including lactose-free, dairy-free and/or vegan?
    The buffet menu is thoroughly considered to match people with all appetites.

  • What is *Founders Cruise?
    *Founders Cruise happens for *ship only. After dinner, all participants are invited to sail to a mysterious land.

  • What if a person is sea-sick?

  • What is *Closing Gala?
    The main activity at Closing Gala is to announce the winner of Pitch Captain Competition and to celebrate the end of *ship 2019.
    The evening is limited for age 18 and above due to alcoholic beverage served.

  • When is *Closing Gala?
    The second evening of *ship 2019 – 2.9.

  • Where is *Closing Gala?
    VPK is the official location of *ship 2019 Closing Gala.

  • Who can join *Closing Gala?
    *Closing Gala is an exclusive event for Invited guests only.

Pitch Captain Competition (PCC)

  • What is Pitch Captain Competition (PCC)?
    Pitch Captain Competition (PCC) is *ship’s speciality where startups pitch their business ideas one by one to win the final prize of 5000€.
    Pitch Captain Competition (PCC) includes Pitch Captain Semifinals – TOP 50 (PCC TOP 50) and Pitch Captain Finals – TOP 10 (PCC TOP 10).

  • When does Pitch Captain Competition (PCC) happen?
    It happens on the second day of *ship 2019, 2.8.2019.

  • What is Pitch Captain Semifinals – TOP 50 (PCC TOP 50)?
    All startups participating in *ship pitch in front of the judges. Each startup is given 3 minutes for Pitching and 2 minutes for the Q&A section.

  • Where does the Pitch Captain Semifinals – TOP 50 (PCC TOP 50) happen?
    Pitch Captain Semifinals- TOP 50 (PCC TOP 50) happens in Vellamo.

  • What is Pitch Captain Finals – TOP 10 (PCC TOP 10)?
    The finalists have 4 minutes to impress the audience with their ideas and 4 mins for Q&A section.

  • Where does the Pitch Captain Finals – TOP 10 (PCC TOP 10) happen?
    Pitch Captain Finals – TOP 10 (PCC TOP 10) happens in Kotka Market Square this year.

  • How many startups are attending *ship 2019?
    There will be +/- 50 startups participating in *ship 2019.

  • How many finalists will be chosen for the Final?
    The TOP 10 are chosen by the judges following 4 criteria.

  • What are the 4 criteria for evaluation?
    – Novelty
    – Pitching/Presentation
    – Business Plan
    – Testing

*ship App

  • What is *ship App?
    *ship App is a creation between *ship with Mesensei.
    Via *ship app, participants can make bookings for Clinics and Master Classes; communicate with info desk, mentors and startups, and get up-to-date information about locations and schedules.

  • How to download *ship App?
    The mobile app is available on Google Play and App Store under the name “*ship Startup Festival”.

  • Why is *ship App important?
    Download the *ship app now to reserve a seat in Clinics and Master Classes, to better understand mentors and their backgrounds to get the most precious advice and to have your questions accurately answered.

  • What to do if a person cannot get access to *ship App?
    If you are not able to access *ship app, please send an email to


  • What can visitors participate in?
    Visitors can only participate in Programs including Master Classes and Pitch Captain Competition. Exclusive events including Founders Cruise, Founders Dinner and Closing Gala are invitation-only.
    Visitors are given Free Pass to Vellamo Museum. replica rolex watches cheap high quality replica panerai

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