If you are not ready to give your all to your business, how can you be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship isn’t always easy and starting your business may seem like a difficult task. You need to consider many different factors depending on your field. You also need to understand what kind of documentation and financial aspects you need to do, when you need to do it and who needs to know about your finances and sales. But that doesn’t mean entrepreneurship is always hard and involves a ton of paperwork. Some paperwork is needed but you can also manage your office work in a smart way by looking at possible solutions.

Deciding what your form of business will be is one of the hardest task when starting your own company, especially of you are a first-timer. You need to know:

Who are involved in your business?
How much capital you need?
Who is responsible of what and in what extent?
What do you need to know about taxes?
How the profit and loss are handled?

One way of making the first step to entrepreneurship a little easier is to do research. See what kind of services you could use, how you could minimize your paperwork and other harder tasks. OP Kevytyrittäjyys (freely translated to light entrepreneurship) offers many great benefits to entrepreneurs and startups under 30,000 euros. In a completely digital service, you can write down purchases and send bills and they will automatically be added to your bookkeeping.

We partnered up with OP Kymenlaakso, a regional bank and part of the Osuuspankki financial group. OP Kymenlaakso offers startups and new entrepreneurs a possibility to start your entrepreneurship journey easily and accessible for everyone.

How does this actually work? The entrepreneur charges the customer when using the services and buying the products. The service subtracts a small service fee of five percent, the value added tax and other necessary taxes. The service also takes of the finances when your earned income goes over the statutory limit. The service also takes care forwarding the relevant information to the tax administration. Rest of the money will be transfer to the entrepreneur. No need for the paperwork, if you don’t want to worry about that.

“OP wants to make sure that new startups can develop and we offer our substantial services to their use.” says Elina Sutela, OP Kymenlaakso’s Sales Director. “We help with the idea and are willing to tell our thoughts about the business. OP gives the entrepreneur necessary services on web and on mobile to do the billing and bookkeeping. You can use the chat-service to ask quick questions or book a web meeting for financial consult.”

“The future of entrepreneurship is bright. The labor market are in favor for entrepreneurship. I believe, that entrepreneurship alongside 9-to-5 job will be trending also in the future. Hopefully that way we can get more great success stories and businesses to Finland,” says Sutela.

Author: Anne-Mari is an intern at *ship and a business student focusing on communication. She is passionate about the environment and believes that leading by an example everyone can make a big difference.