Have you ever been wondering how great designs were created? In our article, the curtain comes down and you can discover how Kreetta and Roosa, our designers, came up with *ship identity.

Kreetta Ahti and Roosa Pulkkinen, both third-year graphic design students at Xamk Kouvola Campus, learned about Startup Festival when started the development of the *ship brand concept in their Brand Design course.

Students believe that ideas can appear everywhere and that forcing creativity rarely works. While creating the visual identity they exchanged their ideas with each other. They collected material that inspired them, but also searched information that could help them with the creating process. They, for example, glanced through existing *ship’s social media material and their website.

They were inspired by different sea related wave patterns and wavy font which ended up in use of *ship’s brand. They also decided to go with already existing idea to use sea related vocabulary in communication. The word ship can be used imaginatively as a part of different words, as in entrepreneurship and partnership, which they thought was kind of fun. Also, *ship’s logo’s asterisk reminded Kreetta and Roosa of a propeller, which ended up symbolizing mentors.

The final concept ended up being “Waves of Opportunities”. Starting entrepreneurs are setting foot on a ship (in this case *ship Startup Festival) to start their journey towards their dreams and goals. The ship travels in the waves of opportunities, guided by the crew and the captain, the event organizers. Like a propeller pushes a ship forward, mentors push startup entrepreneurs with their advice and experience.

Also, the brand is supported by the brand colors: they express a clear view and goal-directed atmosphere. Warm orange and yellow are welcoming and guide starting entrepreneurs on their bright and hopeful journey. The blue color symbolizes water and waves.

After presenting the updated brand to *ship crew, designers were quite surprised and happy that their ideas were liked. They thought that there were also many other wonderful options to choose from.

Now you can find material they designed on social media and on printed products. Here are some examples of these.