Closetlab from Brazil emerged as a runner-up in the #shipSitra Circular Economy Pop-up Challenge. With core values especially motivated, innovative and having a passionate commitment to sustainability, Closetlab is all about providing a service to optimize the way we use our clothes. We all know that in the fashion industry, there is compulsive desire to shop. Having identified the problem and its lack of remedy, Closetlab is hoping to impact social change in this purchasing pattern.

In fact, Larissa Fafá, one of the three team members of Closetlab, describes the idea as coming from a need of its own. She mentions that in terms of rethinking the way people consume in thhe fashion industry, she has found several initiatives that encourage the sale of used clothes and new brands made with quality fabric. The so-called “slow fashion brands” yet could not find any tools that would help her be happier with what she already had, or that would be an aid to rethink the need to buy itself.

Larissa is a political journalist who enjoys rethinking responsible fashion. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in gender and consumption of cultural products. Two other members are Igor Vanderput and Mario Zuany. Igor Vanderput is the Marketing Director and dealing directly with the startup world. Mario Zuany – the Director of Development, is a very responsible programmer currently working for Ogilvy.

Closetlab is seeking to achieve a more conscious and sustainable consumption. Though still in development, people will be able to take photos of their clothes and have their closet on the phone via an application. With clothing matching features, they will be able to use more of what they already have. In other words, it can encourage conscious consumption and raise the lifespan of their clothing. The app usefully allows any user to be able to evaluate a new purchase by taking picture of an item in the store and compare it with what you already have in your wardrobe. Thus, this could avoid repeating purchases on impulse or parts that do not fit very well in your lifestyle.

The contribution of Closetlab is precisely to give more lifespan to the clothing we own so that we are happier and more sustainably responsible. More often than not, clothing tend to be discarded in the trash. Aspiring to remedy acute pollution that is concerning the textile industry, the Closetlab app helps to bring closure and a more complete feeling while encouraging a longer and more useful material life.

And how is Closetlab getting ready to be headed to Kotka, Finland in July?

Closetlab is very grateful and humbled by *ship this July. Larissa informs that the opportunity to participate in the Pitch Captain Competition is truly great as the team can better delineate the strengths of their idea and share it with like-minded people. Therefore, they are getting ready with some simulations and creating lists of weaknesses and strengths.

What Closetlab aims to enjoy the experience by meeting new people and enriching their project by listening to how people perceive their idea. Besides, they do not know Finland. Hence, they hope to have some time in between activities to get to know a little more about the Finnish culture.

Featured Image: Big Cheese Photo, ThinkStock
This article was written by Louise Andrew, a recent graduate of Monroe College in Saint Lucia. Louise Andrew is also a part of the remote media team and acts as a content writer for *ship 2017. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Louise enjoys writing as well as taking part in activities that foster leadership and personal growth. Currently, she is aiming to start her own recycling business to improve the environmental standards of disposing plastic waste material in her country, Saint Lucia, and hopefully other Caribbean islands.

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