Application open until the 19th of July 2021.

How to enter: for Startups

Apply as a startup!

Your team can apply to *ship through the Apply as a startup! –button above. The link redirects you to the F6S –page, where the application is open. You can find more information about the Mentoring Program down below.

Few notes from our crew before applying:

In the application, we ask you to upload a pitch video (max. 5 minutes long). This video is used only by the *ship Startup Coordinators to go through all applications and invite the most suitable teams to *ship Startup Festival. 

As a tip, the we recommend having at least the following information included in your application pitch:

  • Startup introduction
  • The problem
  • The solution
  • Value proposition
  • Business model
  • Roadmap

In this application pitch, it is not mandatory to pitch directly to the camera. You can do a slideshow presentation and have your own webcam showing on the edge of the screen, for example. Nevertheless, the better the pitch the better are your changes to be selected in *ship 2021! 

Please make sure the lighting, sound, etc. are working on the video before submitting the application, and please make sure that the privacy settings on the folder/file are correct. 

All teams have the full ownership for their work (e.g. code graphics, presentation, business idea) the team members own all contributions made by said team. Read more from IPRs from here and here. 

How to enter: for Mentors

Apply as a mentor!

We are looking for new mentors in our *ship Community each year. 

Our mentors are an essential part of the Mentoring Program on Day 1 (12.8.). In addition, mentors can join the Pitch Captain Competition on Day 2 (13.8.). 

Mentoring Program in brief:  

Startups will have an access to the event platform prior to the event and they can book seats to different sessions in beforehand. 

Master Classes 

Combination of 1-hour lecture and workshop with mentors discussing various topics related to entrepreneurship. Master Classes have limited seats per session. 

Startups will have an access to the event platform prior to the event and they can book seats to different sessions in beforehand. 


20-minute consulting sessions with different experts on various topics, from establishing a business to fine-tuning your pitch presentation. Clinics are booked by the startups via the event platform. 

Our Mentor Coordinators are handling all the mentor–related content in each year’s event.  However, if you would like us to contact you regarding being a mentor in *ship 2021; please reach out with the brief application above. Our crew will be in contact with you as soon as possible. 

The all-in-one event platfrom: Deal Room

The whole event, Mentoring Program Day 1 and the Pitch Captain Competition Day 2, will take place on the online platform of Deal Room.
Startup teams will be able to reserve seats in Master Classes and suggest a time suitable directly for the Clinics-mentors. 

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