It has been a great pleasure meeting so many talented and enthusiastic entrepreneurs over the years. We wanted to know how the young startups are doing now and how have their journey been so far. So we contacted some of them and now we would like to share what they have been doing since participating in *ship – The Startup Festival. So, what are they up to?

In 2015, Identio won the first Pitch Captain Competition at *ship Festival. They gave an amazing pitch and truly believed in their business. Two years have now passed since the victory and we wondered how are they doing. We contacted Joonas Krogan, who pitched Identio back in 2015, and asked him what’s up.

How is your startup doing and what’s new for you guys? In a general level.

Going great, we have revenue coming in and real clients paying us real money. I think that’s as good as it gets! Even though we “pivoted” to doing consulting (Digital marketing, Software development). It’s still been a really great journey so far.

Have you had a successful journey so far? Have you scaled up or downsized?

Yes, we are cash flow positive and we have monthly recurring revenue coming to the company each month. Unfortunately one of our founders have left to Canada, but we were all unanimous about that decision and we wish him well!

 It’s great to see that we really do provide value to the end user and customers.

What is your best entrepreneurship memory or story?

I can’t pinpoint any one moment, of course winning the *ship Festival was a pretty big thing and also winning the Startup Journey Accelerator program. But I would say that the everyday struggles that we have and overcoming them is the real deal. I get my kicks out of that.

Of course closing a client is also the best feeling in the world, especially if it’s for your own company! On top of that, I would add that it’s also great to see that we REALLY do provide value to the end user and customers. If we wouldn’t, we would not be in business.

What are your plans for the future in terms of your startup?

Continue on with consulting, building a consulting business and growing it. We plan on creating a product too in the future, but for now it’s being a consulting company.

On top of that we want to build our personal brands also.

And we would like to give you a little throwback: Identio’s winning pitch from 2015! We wish Identio all the luck in their future endeavors. And keep your eyes peeled to find out how other startups from previous *ships are doing.

Author: Anne-Mari is a business student focusing on communication. She is passionate about the environment and believes that leading by an example everyone can make a big difference.