Year 2017 is super exciting in the journey of *ship – The Startup Festival. We are entering a new phase in how we operate, but let’s put that aside for a while, and take a look at some of the amazing stuff that we have been doing:

Global Startup Challenge

To commemorate Finland’s 100th birthday, we are inviting 100 startup teams to *ship 2017. Global Startup Challenge is an online competition organized under the umbrella of *ship – The Startup Festival to shortlist international teams for the event. Applications close on February 28th, and we have received over 400 applications already! Read more here.

Ambassadors’ Program

This year, we launched our Ambassadors’ program, with the goal of increasing the number of people involved and engaged in *ship. The response was overwhelming — approximately 900 applications from 90 countries worldwide. These ambassadors come from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds, and share our passion for entrepreneurship.

Together, we can make a difference!

Collaboration with Sitra

Another highlight is our collaboration with Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, founded in 1967 as a part of the Bank of Finland. With Sitra, we are introducing the element of “circular economy” to our program. Stay tuned for more details.

Google’s support for the second year in a row

We are building a local support network, and are extremely delighted to have Google sponsor us again this year.

Startup fever in Kotka

The *ship team will be presenting at the Women Startup Competition Finland, which takes place in Kotka on February 14, 2017. It is a pitching event for startups, where the majority of founders are women (over 50% shares). Come check it out; it is going to be a great opportunity for local women-led startups to express themselves, meet peers, gain invaluable experience, and find investment.

Time to spread wings globally

Yes, we are being noticed globally, and it is time for us to expand. We have secured funding in this regard, and are working on to establish ourselves on a much bigger scale.

Goodbye for now. We will be back soon with updates.

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